K-Syran – Shake that Booty 

K-Syran is a pop artist that is destined to leave her mark in the music industry. Already on the rise, K-Syran has two US Billboard chart hits and four Music Week dance hits alongside a string of playlists across UK’s Gaydio. With all that being said, K-Syran is quickly becoming an iconic figure in the UK. The momentum continues with her latest track ‘Shake That Booty,’ a stellar dance track dubbed as one of her best tracks to date.

The song opens with a steady pulsing house beat which is steadily built upon with layers of synths and bass. The combination of full, percussive synths, airy, gliding synths, and killer vocal synths make for an engaging arrangement that allows you to find new exciting elements every time you listen. The progressive build makes for a dramatic lead into the first verse as K-Syran enters singing, ‘All those things that you told me were a lie/Yeah/And they are saying that the time has just gone by/Yeah/And I could see you laying down that dance again/Yeah.’ Her vocals possess an infectious, bright and airy timbre that blends perfectly into the mix.

As she enters the chorus, the production eases off making a more open arrangement that allows you to allocate more focus to her vocals as she begins to sing, ‘Yeah shake that little booty/Breaking all the silences the tension rise between us/Yeah shake that little booty.’ In traditional dance song fashion, as the chorus comes to a close, the production begins to amp back up leading to a huge drop that revitalizes the track and forces your body to move with the rhythm during the instrumental break.




K-Syran – Unforgettable

My dad is my inspiration to music  and i feel blessed to do this duo with you especially releasing through SONY and their efforts to release it on your Birthday, its been a dream come true and im so proud of the result. For anyone out there who loves their family and as we grow older we treasure these memories through the years. Remember family is so important and embrace all the time we have with our loved ones on our time on this planet. 



K-Syran & Ricardo Tattoo – Smash

Smash is the latest single from Norweigan Pop Star K-Syran, featuring the talent which is Ricardo Tattoo.
Intimacy Records is proud to release such a great track but with a hidden meaning. K-Syran has been known to be forward thinking with every release having a meaning behind her tracks, hidden or blatent and her latest single smash is no exception to this rule.

At frst we think of smash as we can, Smash up something, smash so hard for this exam, just smash that nail polish , sounds like you two have some beef you better smash that before it escalates , you smashed that game, I smashed the whole thing from iTunes, smash is the greatest album ever, that guy is smashing down the freeway , I will smash this week!

Also smash is used as an expression to inject a drug, fuck, take anything as fast as hell.
But also used as an expression of something sublime, wonderful, lovely, delightful. It means to kick ass and have fun along the way but does it.

K-Syran delves deeper in to this meaning and in her upcoming video all will be revealed, she hints, is life what it seems, is the way we portray our selves through social media reality or is it a fantasy of the ego, what really goes on behind closed doors and once the cameras, smartphones and worldwide audience (facebook) arent watching.

Countless numbers of times now we hear about mental health and how its drastically afecting more and more people not only that but it can afect anyone at any time and at any age.
K-Syran is well aware of this and wants bring awareness to the masses, she states

“We need to open up about mental health issues and talk openly about them at the kitchen table to prevent these tragedies.’

K-Syran wrote Smash with again a hope to communicate with us.Her song Intimacy was nominated the anthem by UN in the UK, 8th of March 2016, International Women’s Day.
Smash the video will be made by UK flm company UCA ….. with a strong message to raise awareness on mental illnesses, and Intimacy Records are in talks with Mental health charities worldwide in order to raise awareness of such diseases which are now fnally being recognised and understood.

Together we can raise awareness and let the world know theres always someone to

talk to and theres always a way to get help. It doesnt matter If you are a pop star or a person working the 9-5 we are all together living on this planet and each and everyone of us is special in our own rights, we need to embrace our individuality and treasure each day of our lives. Never thinking we have to live up to the impossible created by the fake world of social media and not even too our peers, its time to be happy in our own skin and live life

HAPPY, in other words, SMASH IT.




K-Syran – Dizzy

Tripping and twirling off the back of her spectacular hit single ‘Dizzy’, which boasts a US Billboard chart position and stomped its way to into the Music Week Dance Chart in 2017,

K-Syran now whips up a dance-floor frenzy as she releases her ‘Dizzy 2018 Remix’ on 6 April, due to high public demand. K-Syran releases the remix as she performs live across both sides of the Atlantic for Gay Pride Festivals this year.

Originally the title track for K-Syran’s latest album, ‘Dizzy’, the single was first produced in 2017 by Philip Larsen and Chris Smith of the global team Manhattan Clique (Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Timbaland, Nicole Scherzinger). The track also received a high-energy re-working by Phil Marriott and Rich B, ‘Dizzy’ which took it into the Music Week Dance Chart and saw it soar onto the UK Gaydio playlist. Stateside, the mighty Billboard Chart embraced the awesome Eric Alexandriakis JDX production of the track. But a great song never dies and now for 2018, K-syran bows to public demand with the release of the spankingly fresh US remix of this incredible track. Re-worked by the masterful Eric Alexandriakis JDX, ‘Dizzy 2018 Remix’ is a full-on hands-in-the-air dance anthem – vibrant and addictive.

K-Syran also serves up a decent dose of eye-candy as she recruits the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Jack Jagodka, who played the stunt double for Tarzan in the movie blockbuster, Legend of Tarzan, to star alongside her in the dance-remix video. If the music doesn’t send you into dizzy delirium, the video certainly will!

With a sparkling new album, ‘Dizzy’ released late last year, K-Syran is definitely stamping an indelible mark on the global pop/dance scene.