Welcome to Intimacy Records – By K-Syran, we are an independent record label distributed by Sony, established in 2018 by Norwegian international Pop superstar K-Syran. Aimed as an outlet for her new music and also to nuture up and coming talent. Your voice expresses your heart – share it, sing it, shout it.

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Artist: Benedicta Syran

Genre: House

Extract: Vibrant, passionate and inhibiting new and fresh energy, meet the music world’s newest singer-songwriter Benedicta Syran.

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StoneBridge, K- Syran
Artist: StoneBridge, K- Syran

Title: D.R.A.M.A (Slim Tim Remix)

Extract: Slim Tim on Remix Duties for K-Syran and Stonebridge track

Code: IR21-03-R

Date: 2021-06-21

Genre: House

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Electrik Disco Remixes Hudson River

K-Syran explains: “Oh, just shut your eyes and let this track do its work, that was my intention when I wrote it. ‘Hudson River was created for you to ‘feel’ because those sort of tracks are what we want when we’re on the dance floor. ‘Hudson River’ is the ultimate fantasy. I wrote the lyrics so they appear to delve deep inside the mind of a daydreamer, painting a vivid and exciting musical canvass of their imaginary world which they constantly fantasize over. But as with all dreamers, their dreamy procrastination leaves them always missing out. I was inspired to write this whilst I was touring in the US at the start of the year whilst I was dreamily walking along the Hudson River. I wrote it as a drum-driven cocktail, I wanted a perfect vibe for the long hot summer days…

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Introducing… K-Syran

Norwegian Katrina Syran – known musically as K-Syran – is a singer-songwriter who originally trained as an actress and received acclaim for her achievements on stage and screen, including working in the West End and The Young Vic, as well as writing plays and directing. But, whilst singing in each of her productions, Katrina’s vocal ability got her noticed and, with a professional drummer as a father, she was already inspired by music from a very young age. As Katrina recalls: “He plays every instrument you can imagine, so singing and having to entertain was his business, and it’s performing that I love, in theatre or in music. It’s important for me to express myself.”

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”Your voice expresses your heart – share it, sing it, shout it.”

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6/2/2021 at 10:00 pm

Miami Beach

K-Syran, Dan Thomas, Stonebridge



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